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A strong link has been found between fuel efficiency and safety allowing you to turn safety into savings. Many of the ways of improving them are the same: managing speed, gear selection, anticipating the situation ahead, reducing aggressive driving (including harsh accelerating, braking and cornering) and idling, checking type pressure, vehicle maintenance and reducing the amount of unnecessary travel.

It is generally accepted that fuel savings of 10% or more can be obtained through a range of relatively low cost measures such as improved fleet management practice, driver training, speed management, reducing unnecessary idling, vehicle maintenance and vehicle design.

A reduction in peak speeds of 8 km/h can typically result in fuel savings of 10-15% with very little effect on travel time. Studies have also found that telling drivers not to speed and to use safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques can result in a decrease in trip times

TrackIt gives you the tools you need to monitor and manage poor drivers. Studies have shown that simply making a driver aware of their behaviour can dramatically improve their driving style.

The TrackIt solution contains several dashboards and reports that provide management staff with the information they need to quickly identify good and bad driver behavior – speeding, idling, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, fuel consumption and after-hours use are all available. This data can provide a valuable teaching tool to improve driver behavior.

Alerts can be automatically triggered if KPIs are not met to either managers and/or the offending staff member. Our Driver Scorecard clearly shows which drivers are exceeding company KPIs and ranks drivers using all the above information.

Drivers can also be measured based on how and where they spend their time - for example; it might be desirable for sales staff to spend most of their time outside the office and KPIs can be set to report on this.

Empowering drivers with a real-time snapshot of their day and following it up with best practices and recommendations in the moment builds a safer fleet while reducing fuel and maintenance costs, with instant safety replay features, managers can reduce unsafe driving patterns through driver coaching



The TrackIt solution contains several speeding dashboards and reports that provide management staff with the information they need to quickly identify good and bad driver behavior. These reports and dashboards are also available for other types of driver behavior such as idling, harsh braking, harsh cornering.

Driver Behaviour

TrackIt’s driver behaviour Scorecard shows the metrics that are measured and the values achieved. Therefore, managers have a greater understanding exactly what kind of driving behaviour has affected the overall score. Perhaps it is consistent harsh cornering for example – it may not be speeding. Managers have greater insight to then be able to address any potential issues accurately.


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The savings we made in the first week were about $2,500 - it certainly covered the initial cost by a mile! Cost overruns are being reduced and overall it’s just a great system - we highly recommend it!

Customised Deliveries

After looking at all available options in the market, we are pleased to have formed a partnership with TrackIt for our transport and logistics IT solution. Their features, service, pricing and willingness to work with us stands them out from the crowd - simply excellent!

Ward Demolition

I always suspected that our vehicles did a fair amount of off-road travel, whether driving around on demolition sites or in the yard, but to be honest, I was a little surprised how quickly this all added up. TrackIt paid for itself in fleet administration savings alone.
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The TrackIt platform delivers a powerful suite of tools for managing your mobile workforce and fleet.
Get the most out of your resources by improving efficiency, reducing operating costs and increasing profits.

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