Livestock Tracking and Management

GPS + RFID + comprehensive database & functionality + smartphone integrated => full access to data & management in the field, where you need it, when you need it

Livestock Management

Livestock Management

Real-time information & alerts at your fingertips
Easy, visual, comprehensive


  • Real-time location
  • Geo-fence rules and alerts
  • Full database history
  • Automatic email or SMS notifications
  • Smart phone integrated
  • Automated Reminders


  • Access an animals full history & status at the click of a button
  • Enter & tick off tasks, animal status etc on the job
  • Manage your staff from the field

How it Works

Trackit’s groundbreaking Livestock Tracking & Management System uses a combination of High Frequency RFID technology and GPS technology, driven by powerful web based platform, accessed in field via an integrated iPhone application. The simple interface maintains individual livestock records in real time, with information such as milking, medication, financial details, productivity only a click away. Convenience + easier staff & farm management are key themes in the task/event recording, intelligent drafting, plant & equipment monitoring, etc functions of the system.
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Geo-fence Rules & Alerts

You can set certain areas (e.g. a paddock) as ‘geo-fences’, and receive alerts or reports related to these (e.g. alerts when a device leaves the area).