Asset Tracking and Management

TrackIt has developed an Asset Management & Tracking solution utilising the latest RFID, barcode and GPS technology.
Asset Management

Optimise Asset Utilisation

Improve Efficiency - Increase Profit - Save Time


  • RFID tags & barcodes
  • Real-time asset location
  • Maintenance planning
  • Sensor monitoring (eg: temp, pressure)
  • Rules & alerts e.g. geo-fences
  • Automatic email or SMS notifications
  • Smart phone integrated
  • Site auditing


  • Locate assets quickly
  • Increase Operating Efficiency
  • Reduce theft, delays and stress
  • Ensure assets are correctly maintained
  • Quick, easy & accurate site auditing
  • Save time, effort and money

How it Works

The TrackIt solution offers a variety of small GPS + RFID devices which send real time data to the web based central platform. Location & status info is viewable from any computer or smartphone and it is very simple set up and change automatic notifications (e.g. an alert if an asset is bumped after hours).

‘Geo-fences’ can be set at certain addresses or areas (e.g. the yard, worksites, territories) and alerts or reports related to these (e.g. alerts when a device enters or leaves these areas, reports on time in these areas etc). RFID readers and tags are tightly integrated with vehicle GPS tracking to provide a clear view of what assets are where and what they are being used for.

A variety of technologies including RFID, barcodes, and other data collection technologies are supported which can be implemented individually or together to meet your specific needs. The TrackIt asset tracking & management platform allows a whole new level of visibility & ease of use of your fixed assets.



Through the TrackIt Dashboard you can view the current status for all devices within an account and monitor all KPI data for driver behaviour including speed, idle time and driving time.

The Dashboard has been specifically designed to give you as much information as possible on one screen so that you can macro manage your fleet and not spend hours drilling through reports to find good or bad behaviour.


Real-time Tracking Screen

Displays the current location for all known assets and indicates their current status. Through the tracking screen you can quickly locate assets, display their current statistics and view their usage information.